Tenants services

Tenant Services

There appears to be little help available for helping tenants through the potentially difficult process of renting a property in the private sector.

Anyone purchasing a property or renting a commercial property would automatically  employ the services of a solicitor, but tenants do not seem to have such assistance available.

The BBC television program Watchdog highlighted the problems tenants can face, a few years ago.

We are happy to offer a full service to tenants who wish to rent either privately or through agents (other than ourselves) a comprehensive package to safeguard your interests.

We will:

  • Establish that the prospective agent/landlord is legitimate
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Check and negotiate tenancy agreements and agency terms (affecting tenants).
  • Explain, in lay-mans, terms any aspects of a tenancy agreement that causes concern.
  • Check that all legislation has been complied Tenants’ rent and deposits are handled correctly.
  • Ensure guarantor’s interests are protected (where necessary).

IF you are interested in further information please contact us here Tenant Services