Moving home checklist

We understand that moving home can be stresfull, the list below might help. Please bear in mind that we can’t think of everything.

Post Office – redirect your mail –this takes five working days

Car Insurance

This is the most urgent, if you move and haven’t told your insurance company you may not be covered

 Local Council

You will need to register for council tax at your new property and close your account for the old one. 

Gas/Electric Water Supplier

Close accounts for your previous property and start a new account. You can choose any supplier. Any previous bills for your current property should go to your landlord-the address will be on the tenancy agreement.

Telephone/Internet/Cable/Satellite Company

You will need written permission for installation of cable TV or a satellite dish.

Mobile phone supplier

 TV Licence

Banks and Building Societies

 Credit Card Companies /life insurance/pension provider